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KOIGU REPRESENTS COLOUR; a multitude of colours! Garments knitted with Koigu yarns are oneľof-aľkind. Each knitter that knits one of Maie Landra - founder of Koigu Wool Designs - designs will have an original since all the variegated yarns are unique.

Koigu Yarns are hand painted in Canada in exquisite colour combinations. Many factors influence the outcome of the dye lots; the individual personality of the artist, their mood, feelings and thoughts will have an impact. External barometric pressure, the amount of heat and the amount of water all influence the finished product.

Maie has been quoted as saying the perfect dye lot must be alive with highlights and depth, not dead and lifeless. Koigu's palette is fearless, bold and luminous with a spark of life in each dye lot.

...KPPPM yarns are truly hand-painted water colours...

Each 1kg dye lot of Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino is painted individually and then heat applied to fix the dyes. The dye lots are rinsed and hung on rods to dry. Dry yarn is reeled into 50g skeins and then twisted and labeled. This is a three day process. Artist Maie Landra mixes the Koigu colours, with new hues created by Rhichard Devineze and Taiu Landra, trained by Maie to paint in the spirit of Koigu, in addition.

Each dye lot of Koigu's Painter's Palette is an individual creation and there are no two dye lots exactly the same so please ensure that you get enough yarn for your project. We reccommend, as with all hand-dyed yarns, that you knit with two skeins, alternating every few rows for improved colour blending.
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