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JULIE ARKELL IS ONE OF ENGLAND'S best recognized contemporary folk artists working in papier-mâché and mixed media. "Words and phrases I hear, read and put together inspire my creatures. I use paper and glue to mold the figures, dolls heads, or painted faces. Their arms and legs can be papier mâché or plastic, taken off old dolls and re-assembled. The clothes they wear are knitted, sewn and crocheted, with parts of their story embroidered on to them."

It has been said that Julie, "...cannot resist the rejected debris of everyday life. She especially favours discarded toys for inspiration and printed textiles."

Julie Arkell quote

Her work employs domestic craft techniques, but in Julie's own distinctly personal and sophisticated way. Julie does everything by hand in her London studio. She manipulates and paints her papier-mâché figures, stuffing bodies and embroidering "clothes". She trims her creations in knitted adornments, curious accessories, ribbons and found objects. The result is her magically appealing "people".
We find Julie's work wistful and extraordinarily charming.
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